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"Where Faith Dwells, Hope is Never Lost"

We invite you to immerse yourself into an order
that few others get the chance to be a part of.
One where the once vast race of Eredar
come together, not only as an order
but as a community like no other.

Where violence, greed, and power are not their priorities,
yet family, faith, and hope come to focus.
Where the Draenei come together to preserve
their way of life, rebuild their culture
and protect their people from those who would oppose them.

The Sha’tor consists not only of Vindicators and Anchorites,
but rather Draenei from all walks of life.
Whether they be a scholar or craftsman - protector or healer,
they are welcomed here.

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by Vivaaldi on Jun 28, 2017 at 08:56 PM
IC:-Congratulations to @Prodotios for becoming and A'dota-kei.OOC-July 14th is the Midsummer Market and July 15th is the Festival of Heroes. We have been specifically invited to both of them, so if you can make it, it should be fun.-Just a reminde... Read More
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