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Level 120 Draenei Monk
Played by Freiha
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Path Affiliation

Path of the Prophet


176 years

Place of Birth:

Telaar, Draenor

Current Home:

The Exodar

Although of average height for his race and gender, Rurik's lean build subtracts from the imposing appearance many of his male peers possess. Adding to that is his overall youthful appearance and warm, friendly demeanor. He lacks the solemnity of those much more his senior, young enough that he's been able to push his past heartaches aside in favor of optimism for the future.

One ring each adorns his two tendrils, the first and only received during his comparatively short life — a gift from his parents to commemorate his passing into adulthood. Those rings are the most extravagant thing about his day-to-day attire, which usually consists of simple shirts and pants.

A set of light leather armor crafted by his eldest living sister, Kasmia, is worn only when traveling beyond cities and towns. The newest addition to his travelwear is a lightweight crystal-tipped staff intended to be wielded defensively.

Gentle and tender-hearted, Rurik avoids hurting anything sentient, even going so far as to maintain a vegetarian diet.

After his birth parents — both Auchenai — were killed in an ogre ambush, Rurik was found by two sisters, Kasmia and Freiha, and was later adopted into their family.

While in hiding during the mass slaughter of his people, Rurik and his sister Kasmia disappeared into the swamps of Zangarmarsh and were presumed dead. The remnants of their family would end up on Azeroth while the two of them survived in the wilds of a shattered Outland.

Several years later, Rurik and Kasmia were reunited with their sister Freiha. While Rurik was happy and looked forward to learning about Azeroth, Kasmia was displeased with the whole situation and exiled herself to Outland, much to his dismay.

Toralun & Isuni, birth parents; deceased.

Seraat, grandmother (paternal); deceased.
Iva, mother; deceased.
Sergius, father; deceased.
Ianah, sister; deceased.
Kasmia, sister; alive.
Freiha, sister; alive.

Isaala, sister-child (adopted); alive.