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Level 120 Draenei Hunter
Played by Freiha
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Path Affiliation

Path of Argus



Place of Birth:

Unnamed planet

Current Home:

The Exodar

Freiha is dark-colored with dusky violet skin and long, purple-black hair. She has a lean-muscled physique and carries herself in a confident, dignified manner. Her usual attire consists of leather armor, complete with a belt with several pouches that contain a multitude of curative concoctions, as well as several poisons and venoms used for special circumstances. A single shortsword is sheathed at her left hip, and a rifle is holstered across her back. Her tendrils and tail are devoid of any jewelry, but she wears a crystal pendant around her neck, tucked beneath her armor.

She typically exhibits a reserved, polite demeanor and has little to say unless spoken to. Though she presents a stoic and professional exterior when on duty, she is surprisingly cordial when relaxed, and is prone to speaking rather avidly about her interests if given the opportunity.

Freiha was the third daughter born to Iva and Sergius, a pair who had been together since not long after the escape from Argus. Although unexpected, she was dearly loved nonetheless, and grew up in a warm, supportive family.

However, her life was eventually thrown into chaos when the orcs of Draenor turned on the draenei. After losing one sister to the slaughter, her other sister and adopted brother went missing in Zangarmarsh. She escaped with her parents to Azeroth, but they perished soon after the Exodar's crash landing.

After that, she traveled alone and kept to herself, working a number of jobs in order to survive. A few years later, she was reunited with her missing brother and sister, though it wasn't entirely happy. Her family remains splintered and their bond tenuous, although slowly — very slowly — beginning to be repaired.

Now that the campaign on Draenor is over, Freiha has returned to Azeroth, where she lives with her partner Varistus, and Rokhaan, an orphaned boy the pair took in.

some nerd vindicator named Varistus
Seraat, grandmother (paternal); deceased.
Iva, mother; deceased.
Sergius, father; deceased.
Ianah, sister; deceased.
Kasmia, sister; alive.
Rurik, brother (adopted); alive.

Rokhaan, son (adopted); alive.

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