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Manakeep 728x90


Level 120 Draenei Hunter
Played by Freiha
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Path Affiliation

Path of the Naaru


~9500 years

Place of Birth:

A forgotten world

Current Home:

The Exodar

Overall, Kasmia may be pretty in a way that's hard to place. It isn't for elegance or sophisticated charm, that's for certain; perhaps, instead, it's the touch of wildness in her bearing due to centuries upon centuries of dedication to the Rangari. She is well-proportioned, and stands slightly above average height for her kind. Her skin is a deeper shade of blue and carries a slight violet tinge. While she generally looks put together, her short black hair shows signs of being recently permitted to grow out, falling in choppy layers around her face and just above her shoulders.

Rarely is Kasmia seen without her bow and leather quiver of arrows. Her armor — which she prefers over more civilian clothing — is a combination of thick, reinforced leather and bits of chainmail, the latter covering the most vulnerable of places on her body. Being well-versed in both ranged and melee combat, Kasmia also keeps a single shortsword sheathed at her side, as well as a pair of daggers, one strapped to her belt and the other to her outer right thigh.

Her personality often leaves much to be desired by most. She is outspoken and hot-tempered, rarely hesitant to express her dislikes and quick to rise to anger. Additionally, she tends to tease others, but whether it's out of fondness or simply to get a rise out of them is the ever-present mystery. Despite these less than positive traits, she is otherwise an exemplary soldier, following orders to the letter and showing respect to her superiors — even if that respect sometimes comes begrudgingly.

Seraat, grandmother (paternal); deceased.
Iva, mother; deceased.
Sergius, father; deceased.
Ianah, sister; deceased.
Freiha, sister; alive.
Rurik, brother (adopted); alive.