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Level 120 Draenei Paladin
Played by Freiha
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Path Affiliation

Path of the Prophet


~3000 years

Place of Birth:

One of many temporary colonies

Current Home:

The Exodar

Standing three inches shy of eight feet tall and bearing a muscular build, Jovakor is pretty standard as far as male draenei go. He carries himself with confidence and a subtle grace belied by his height and musculature. Though his blue skin is largely unmarred due to his usual position behind front lines, a jagged groove of a scar near the base of his outer left tendril indicates that he has walked away from at least one rather harrowing conflict. Because of this long-healed injury, Jovakor wears only one golden ring on that tendril, whereas the other three are adorned with two rings each. His long, lustrous black hair — easily considered his best and most favored feature — is worn down when he's relaxing, and pulled back whenever he is working or decked in full armor.

Jovakor wears a set of armor he designed and crafted himself. His crystalline mace, however, is relatively unremarkable, and was acquired many years ago while he was still living in the partially-restored Shattrath City of Outland. When he's not in his armor — which is just about any time he's not partaking in a mission or attending an event requiring some formality — Jovakor prefers slightly loose clothing, usually with purple or blue in the color scheme.

Jovakor is kind and compassionate to virtually everyone he encounters. His centuries upon centuries of training as a healer have been helped along by his innate desire to help others. While he excels in healing with the Light, he is also inclined to offer a listening ear to those who need someone to talk to, and in turn, may also provide advice — given the person wants it, that is. Sensitive and emotional, Jovakor has no trouble expressing himself, and has become rather skilled at reading others.

born and grew up and suddenly orcs and now here he is wow how exciting

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Jovaan, father; deceased.
Nesrela, birth-giver; thankfully deceased.

Jalura, daughter; very much alive!

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