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Here is a list of addons commonly used by members of the guild. Click their name to go to their download page!

One of the most popular roleplay profile addons, and the latest installment in the Total RP series. Unless you're using it already or have a lot of time to figure it out, it may be best left for advanced roleplayers! There are a lot of different features and fields to fill out, allowing you to flesh out as much of your character as you want!

+PROS Widely used, capability for expansive character information, many helpful and convenient features, well-supported
-CONS Large addon memory, potentially overwhelming, sometimes incompatible with other RP profile addons (for viewing)

Though rolled out not long after TRP3, XRP is one of the newest profile addons. It is very similar to the popular MRP and its predecessors, but offers a bit more character customization. XRP is ideal for beginner roleplayers or those who don't need or want all the extras TRP3 offers.

+PROS Lightweight, simple to use, allows for basic character information
-CONS Sometimes incompatible with other profile addons, update/maintenance seems sporadic

Despite being new (created March 2017), this addon makes us wonder where it's been all this time! DiceMaster allows you to create unique character traits for use in or out of combat. For the former, DiceMaster offers the ability to add dice modifiers to determine the success and power of your character's given traits. You can also keep track of damage done against you with the health frame!

+PROS Adds another layer of character flavor, easy to set up traits, dice modifiers are not necessary for use, health frame is convenient
-CONS Dice system is mildly complicated for the inexperienced

This addon is the solution for that annoying character limit in WoW's chat entry field. Type to your heart's content without having to worry about splitting posts or pausing between continuations!

+PROS Allows longer posts without interruptions, requires no configuration
-CONS Can cause a lot of scroll, doesn't cover bnet whisper character limits

A life-saver in large events and group RP. It makes a sound when someone mentions you, or when someone you have targeted speaks. Additionally, you can mouse over others to see what they've posted, so long as they've been within your range.

+PROS It does everything it says it does.
-CONS Creates new dialog boxes that can be seen as clutter by more organization-minded folks.

Transmogrification was a game-changer for many players, but MogIt made it even more appealing. With this addon, you can create that perfect transmog for your character and see how it looks before going out to get the pieces you need. Although Blizzard recently added a similar feature to the base game, MogIt is still unparalleled when it comes to in-depth customization for non-transmog/RP-only outfits, as well as the ability to share sets and retrieve/view your creations on your other characters.

+PROS Outfits consisting of different armor classes can be created, outfits can be linked to other players with the addon, sets save in profiles
-CONS Updated sporadically

Just like the name suggests, this addon aids in spelling words that you may be unsure about.

+PROS Helps to correct spelling (obviously), has multiple language options
-CONS Sometimes gives other spellings instead of what you're actually looking for