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About the Sha'tor
The Sha’tor is a light-oriented Order. While this doesn’t mean that every members needs to wield the Light (i.e. shaman, warrior) members are expected to at the very least, honor the Light and everything it has done for the draenei people. Velen’s prophecy of joining the Army of the Light is the goal of the draenic race, and has been for millennia. The Order leadership strives to continue to help the Prophet in his goals, as well as seeking their own purpose on Azeroth—preserving draenic society and providing a home for all draenei willing to uphold these goals with them. That said, there are some grey areas in the Sha’tor. This guide will go over a few of them.

The twiceborn are a special case in the Sha’tor. Initially not allowed in our ranks, we have opened them to a select few Knights that have sworn themselves back to the draenei people, and choose to limit their dark teachings while under the banner of the Sha’tor. This means that death knights are ICly prohibited from using any necromantic magic (ie most abilities from the Unholy spec). Death Knights are permitted to use blood magic, so long as it is done without malice toward sentient beings and simply as a means to an end. Frost magic is permitted, almost without restriction. Death Knights have found this restriction to be both enjoyable to work around, and to see how far they can push their limitations.

The Void is the enemy of all living creatures, and shadow priests seek to use its power as a means of fighting fire with fire. Draenei have a special place in the world regarding shadow/void priests, as the naaru that have accompanied them through the millennia naturally fall to the void-state as they die. To this end, draenei within the Sha’tor are permitted to use shadow/void magic, so long as it is done within the context of research into the naaru or just being attuned to the shadow from centuries of intergalactic travel. Shadow/void priests within the Sha’tor are prohibited from using any sort of Azerothian Old God-fueled magic, however. This magic is chaotic and tends to drive mortals insane by simply using it or uttering the words of Old Gods, so the Sha’tori leadership does not condone this type of shadow magic. Any shadow/void magic done that is deemed dangerous to other Order members will be dealt with swiftly.

We are not in the business of telling you that your custom view of your character is wrong or bad. We believe that everyone has the right to play what they want, how they want. However, within the context of the Sha’tor, any custom or unique classes that are proposed will be discussed if they do not follow the Sha’tor’s guidelines (RE: Fel magic, Old God magic, Necromancy). Again, while we think that you should be able to play what you want, we are also able to deny access to the guild for any unique class that is violation of the concept of the Order.