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NOTE: All information given on this page pertains to the events of the main timeline. All parallels to the alternate timeline are purely incidental.

The original homeworld of the draenei/eredar. At its height, it was a peaceful world with a wide variety of landscapes and remarkable cities, and it is still remembered fondly by draenei who once lived there. It has since become a fel-twisted mockery of what it once was, and serves as the Burning Legion's primary base of operations.

Guardians of Auchindoun and the spirits that came to reside there. The order was founded after a researcher named Maladaar found that the souls of draenei killed in the Genedar's crash were drawn to the remains of D'ore, one of the three naaru that had helped the draenei escape Argus. The Auchenai—of which Maladaar ultimately became the leader—comprised mostly of priests, but vindicators and arcanists served to bolster their defenses.

After the destruction of Auchindoun, however, the once benevolent priesthood fell to darkness and adopted necromancy instead of the holy rites they once knew.

A sprawling mausoleum and sacred temple city erected to house the remains of D'ore, a naaru that "died" when the Genedar crashed onto Draenor and became darkened by the Void as a result. In addition to being the resting place of D'ore, Auchindoun shielded the souls of departed draenei, keeping them safe from the Burning Legion.

Tragedy befell the temple during the orcish assault on the draenei, and it was ultimately rocked by an explosion that shattered the structure, ruined the surrounding landscape, and led to the insanity of many who had taken refuge in its halls.

A faction of uncorrupted eredar led by and loyal to Prophet Velen. Long ago, those who rejected the offer of "power" from Sargeras were forced to flee Argus and fall into exile, thereby gaining their current name. Their culture is based primarily around the Light, but they also cling to their heritage as arcanists.

A primitive world the draenei crashed upon roughly two centuries prior to Azeroth's First War. It was home to several sentient and intelligent species, most notably the orcs, ogres, and arakkoa. Stranded by the crash that destroyed the Genedar, the draenei named the world Draenor. While the ogres and arakkoa had their own names for the planet—Dawgar ("the Known Earth") and Rakshar ("the Sunstone"), respectively—the orcs did not, and eventually adopted the name "Draenor."

The species from which both the draenei⁽¹⁾ and demonic man'ari eredar⁽²⁾ are derived. Originating from Argus, the eredar rose to prominence as extraordinarily gifted sorcerers, and possessed an insatiable hunger for knowledge. This desire would lead to the splintering of their society, the majority siding with Sargeras and his Burning Legion, while a small fraction followed Velen and evaded demonic corruption.

⁽¹⁾ All draenei are eredar, but not all eredar are draenei.
⁽²⁾ The term "eredar," though technically correct, nonetheless has a negative connotation to the draenei.

It's their current capital "city." It's not the Genedar. No adult draenei currently living were born on it. [Real description coming soon!]

A naaru-created dimensional fortress that was used by the draenei to escape Argus. It later crashed upon a world the draenei came to call Draenor, and was damaged beyond repair. The orcs of Draenor named its wreckage "Oshu'gun," meaning "mountain of spirits" in their language, and adopted it as a cultural holy site over the course of generations.

Built on the far east edge of Shadowmoon Valley, the temple city of Karabor was regarded as one of the draenei's holiest sites. It was here that Prophet Velen made his primary residence, and it served as both a base and institution for aspiring anchorites and vindicators.

During the Horde's assault on Draenor, Karabor was conquered by the Shadow Council, darkened by the Void they unleashed upon it. Because of this, it became known as the Black Temple.

Once proud, strong draenei, the krokul are the result of mutation by fel magic. Many krokul are victims/survivors of the assault on Shattrath, wherein bombs of "red mist"—fel mixed with a strain of a magical disease called "red pox"—were unleashed upon the draenei making their last stand in their capital city. Those affected were cut off from the Light, and eventually devolved into misshapen creatures that were reviled and feared by their healthy brethren.

There are small colonies of krokul on Outland, as well as Azeroth, most notably the Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows. Some more unfortunate krokul devolve further into Lost Ones, which are largely feral in nature.

While not a formal faction of eredar, "man'ari" is a word the draenei use to describe their demonic brethren. Its meaning roughly translates to "unnatural [beings]" and is a term of revulsion.

Enigmatic beings of pure Light that are the sworn enemies of the Burning Legion and are diametrically opposed to the Void. They are also the allies and saviors of the draenei, and command the Army of the Light.

The name given to Draenor after it was torn apart by Ner'zhul opening multiple portals. It is one large landmass floating freely in the Twisting Nether, and is said to be continuously breaking down over time.

Formerly the capital city of the draenei, situated in Talador (later Terokkar Forest). It was a coastal city built upon the ruins of Goria, the defunct ogre capital; for this reason, the ogres of Highmaul attempted a war on the draenei. However, the draenei beat them back almost effortlessly and were never bothered by them again.

Unfortunately, Shattrath fell several decades later when the Horde first formed and massacred the draenei via Kil'jaeden's manipulation. The draenei that survived gathered in Shattrath to make their final stand, but were decimated. After several years, however, the draenei managed to reclaim their ruined city and began rebuilding. It served as a stronghold for Alliance and Horde forces during the Burning Legion's invasion of Outland.