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About the Sha'tor
Our mission is to cultivate a guild environment that is comfortable for our members, as well as respectable to the server as a whole. Therefore, the following rules are in place, and will be enforced.

  • Derogatory remarks about race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are prohibited in all guild spaces. This includes but is not limited to: OOC chat, in-game allied channels, Discord channels, and on the guild website. Additionally, please refrain from discussing religion or politics in all above channels.
  • Members are expected to demonstrate respect and maturity in all interactions with the general public, primarily with regard to other guilds/roleplayers in-game, public chat channels, and the Blizzard forums/website. This also extends to social media* such as Tumblr and Twitter, particularly if the guild's name is brought up or affiliation is known.
  • * We are not intent on watching every move our members make, but if a known guild member is stirring up trouble and it is brought to officer attention, we will not condone that behavior among our membership, nor permit it to be a reflection of how our guild is conducted.
  • Respect the privacy and boundaries of others, both in and out of guild.
  • Any conflicts between members are to be resolved in private, and/or if necessary, with officer intervention. All officers maintain an open door policy, and grievances will remain anonymous on the issuer's behalf (if the officers are approached before any personal attempt at resolution has been made) and/or beyond the parties involved.
  • Please refer to DISCORD ETIQUETTE for further information about conduct within our Discord server.

We have never enforced a strict attendance policy, and have no plans to do so. However, although we wholly understand that everyone has other priorities in both their offline and online worlds, we do encourage a certain level of involvement in the guild. If you are online but consistently occupied elsewhere, not attending our events, and/or not interacting with fellow members, it sends across the message that you are uninterested in being part of our community and brings into question whether it's a good fit.

That being said, we would prefer to avoid The Sha'tor becoming a place to dump draenei alts that will ultimately see little to no attention. We are by no means asking for you to change mains or abandon other character/guild commitments, but we do want to ensure the character you bring in will be active.

Inactivity purges will occur periodically, usually once every 1-2 months. Characters that have not been active with the guild (even if you have been online) will be asked about their continued interest in the guild. If no response is given, they will be removed.

We understand that Real Life Happens, and if asked we can extend your membership for a month after the purge.

It should also be noted that the guild will maintain a maximum of 50 unique accounts.

Not everyone goes through new content at the same pace as others, nor are they interested in searching for information they know they'll get while questing. Because of this, we have a specific set of rules concerning spoilers. This primarily concerns World of Warcraft, but it is appreciated if other media is treated with these rules as well.

  • Please exercise good judgment when discussing anything about current or future game content (patches, quests, lore, etc.) when in general guild channels both in and out of game. If in doubt, drop it into the guild Discord #spoilers channel.
  • Allow a period of two weeks from the release of new content before discussing any kind of potential spoilers in OOC/general chat.
  • As usual, be respectful of others. If you are treading the border of spoiler territory, and you are asked to stop, do not argue or complain about it. Simply let it go, and again, take it to the #spoilers channel in Discord if need be.
  • If you are someone avoiding spoilers, please be polite in asking others to refrain from discussing them. After the two week guild-wide spoiler-free period, all members are permitted to talk freely about things in general chats. If you have still not seen the content for yourself and wish to remain spoiler-free, you are welcome to mute or leave channels as you see fit. Remember to ask an officer or other member if they are finished so you can return!
Additionally, since content can be spoiled through RP/IC interactions and dialogue over the communication crystal network, we suggest that if you don't want to be spoiled, please mute the channel. We do not wish to inhibit RP, but also don't want you to have to see information you didn't want to see yet.