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About the Sha'tor
The Sha'tori leadership is comprised of the EXARCH and his TRIUMVIRATE. The Exarch serves as the main leader of the order, carrying out the duty of leading and securing his people within the Alliance, as well as serving as the primary arbiter of intra-guild discipline and disputes. The Triumvirate are those selected by the Exarch to aid and advise him in his decisions, trusted due to their own unique, individual experiences and perspectives. Additionally, they serve as overseers of the Conclaves, leading them in conjunction with each other as well as the Exarch.

Every new member that has undergone the application process begins at the rank of INITIATE. As an initiate, members are able to decide which Conclave they wish to join.

From there, depending on participation and/or notable deeds, members are offered the opportunity to advance to CRYSTALSWORN, OATHKEEPER, and ADEPT.

The highest available rank for non-officer members is A'DOTA-KEI, which becomes obtainable to those who have consistently shown that they wish to improve the guild by way of suggestions to the officers and being helpful to other members. It is not a rank rewarded lightly; instead, it is intended to be a great honor to those who achieve it, and comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Upon joining the Sha'tor, initiates are given the option to join one of the three sub-orders that exist within the guild: the Conclaves of Light, Argus, or Shanai. The Conclaves offer an area of specialty to individual members, but are by no means insular, as the two work together frequently.

Vacant oversees this Conclave, which serves not only as protectors of the Sha'tor, but to all draenei. They are the fighters and healers of the order, dedicated to assist both their people and their comrades in the Alliance. Many achieve this with heavy fortification and mighty weapons, some with serene focus and unyielding faith, while others with arcane might or elemental mastery. They are the anchorites tasked with healing the injured, tending to the sick, and curing the diseased; the shamans and monks who seek to bring harmony and peace to their people; the vindicators who channel the Light to shield and mend their brethren in the heat of battle. They work to preserve the soul of the Draenei community. The undying faith in the Light gives them strength to overcome any obstacle and defeat any foe.

PROGRESSION: Acolyte → Disciple → Paragon

Led by Vacant, this Conclave houses all manner of innovation, archaeology, and information. These are the intellectuals of the Sha'tor, those who would seek the truth of the world; the keepers of draenei history and culture as well as purveyors of the arts; the architects tasked with rebuilding draenei society and maintaining the draenei way of life; the educators guiding the next generation, and the artists, poets, musicians inspiring hope among the people. They work to develop the Draenei community through organizing events to bind the order and its allies together. Members of this group seek to reclaim the past of the Draenei, it is their hope to preserve and reclaim as much of their homeworld as possible.

PROGRESSION: Scholar → Archivist → Instructor

Under the mantle of First Anchorite Orynthia, the Conclave of the Shanai is a humanitarian group that aims to give back to those that assisted with the reclamation of the universe against the Burning Legion. Most often, individuals in this Conclave have an interest in diplomatic assistance, general outreach, and some research. This section of the Sha'tor also features an ambassador program that allows those outside of the Draenei race to join the group, so long as they have ties to the Draenei people. Those who join this Conclave are expected to embody the Draenei's mission of peace, and most often take a neutral stance in some conflicts.

PROGRESSION: Aide → Advocate → Consul

For a visual reference of the Sha'tor's structure, click here.
credit to rurukatt@tumblr for the lovely chart