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(Jul 16, 2017)
Hello there, it is in the upper right of the main page
(Jul 14, 2017)
Hello, I am interrested in joining the Shar'tor, this may sounds stupid, but I cant find where I make the application. Could I get a little help please :P
(Jul 08, 2017)
Happy Birthday Khareraa!
(Jul 01, 2017)
Happy Canada Day goats
(Jun 23, 2017)
oh hey happy birthday @kovaal
(Jun 07, 2017)
(Jun 05, 2017)
thank u!!!
(Jun 04, 2017)
Happy belated Birthday to Rilaana! <3
(Mar 16, 2017)
We are moving away from Curse, and have a Discord
(Mar 12, 2017)
Happy Birthday to our loveable nerdlord Varistus!
(Mar 01, 2017)
Happy Birthday Nobunas!
(Feb 19, 2017)
Hey Vaandyr, if you're out there please contact Kysderal as soon as possible.
(Feb 02, 2017)
All event synopsis' are up to date as of Feb 2!
(Jan 31, 2017)
Synopsis' are up to date!
(Jan 17, 2017)
Summaries are up to date! Plus a new thread detailing what happend to the Witch Mother
(Jan 09, 2017)
Happy Birthday Reithie!
(Jan 09, 2017)
Happy birthday, Reithie!
(Jan 09, 2017)
(Jan 09, 2017)
-kicks down the door- HAPPY B-DAY TO ME GUYS!
(Jan 01, 2017)
yooo happy new year!