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(Apr 10, 2016)
First few missions are up!
(Apr 09, 2016)
Guild Updates are finally finished!
(Mar 27, 2016)
Hoppy Easter!
(Mar 22, 2016)
New domain name!
(Mar 19, 2016)
I am back Spacegoats and I have missed you all so very much <3
(Mar 15, 2016)
The herd accepts you.
(Mar 13, 2016)
*flops in* RL has been murdering me, my goatfriends, sorry I've been MIA
(Mar 09, 2016)
@Freiha I am so happy you like it! It was time for an update!
(Mar 08, 2016)
okay i'm really digging the new header image
(Mar 05, 2016)
Just a reminder - The Website will be undergoing some remodeling. Please be patient during these changes.
(Feb 23, 2016)
I can't wait for it either! Preordered for sure.
(Feb 20, 2016)
i'm looking forward to it! I've got it preordered and everything!
(Feb 20, 2016)
That's awesome O_O
(Feb 20, 2016)
Great, right? This book is a lot of pre-WoW stuff so maybe we'll get some Argus lore in the actual book.
(Feb 19, 2016)
OMG! Varistus!
(Feb 19, 2016) 21-page preview of the lore book coming out next month. Some really cool stuff here, including a map of pre-Shattering Azeroth and a neat guide on the magically schools.
(Feb 16, 2016)
Happy Birthday Mishka!
(Feb 16, 2016)
Talking to you about how to approach me about their secret love? I understand that.
(Feb 15, 2016)
Thats because they were talking to me.
(Feb 15, 2016)
i got NO confessions of peoples' secret love for me yesterday and i am disappointed